Saw a quote today that said “stop feeding into what eats you up,” & was so appreciative of how far I’ve come. I used to feed on my own fears & break my own heart over & over. Sometimes I slip a little bit & listen to my fears, but not for long. I had a lovely reminder of this the other day as I was looking out the window & mindlessly started thinking of things that could go wrong. (Fun) Almost instantly, I felt that wave of anxiety come over me. You know the kind that feels like walls coming in on you? I felt small, trapped, & helpless for a moment. Just then, a humming bird came up to the window & snapped me out of it. As my attention turned toward the little green guy flitting from flower to flower, I got it loud & clear that I am always at choice. It was as if space was pushed back creating so much room for possibility if I would allow it. It was the most freeing feeling. I couldn’t help but smile at my little messenger. Thank you Universe!