I’ve been there. I’ve been stressed out to the point I am frazzled, scattered, and run ragged, often getting migraines. I was constantly in fight or flight mode with cortisol pumping through me, eating at me. Even when I was “relaxing “my whole body was contracted. Yet I tried to make it all look OK on the outside. My outside not matching my inside left a gaping hole of disconnection which lead to depression. I felt such a sadness and disenchantment in my world. I thought, “this is it? This is all there is?” I just knew there was another way….

Elise Weitsen - Founder, Lotus Wellness Living

Elise Weitsen – Founder, Lotus Wellness Living

Knowing I couldn’t continue this path of disconnection I set the intention to feel better and doors magically started opening. I began to let go of thoughts, false beliefs, and patterns that were no longer serving my highest good and moved in the direction of things that lit up my soul.

My love of genuine self-care began to grow, because I saw the transformation in my own life. I know how kindness and compassion are important to take care of yourself on the journey to self actualization. It is possible to gently dismantle behavioral patterns that keep you small. At any point a person can choose differently, creating the life of their dreams with abundant health, peace, and well-being. I want to spread the good news to others who are ready to start living an authentic, vivid life that they love.

I left my teaching job of 16 years that no longer set my heart on fire. I began a new venture where I could incorporate my teaching skills, my love of massage, over 20 years of practicing energy work, and my skill of lovingly listening and hearing others’ truths while assisting them to follow their bliss. I trained under Laura Wieck, the creator of BodyMind coaching.

Just like the lotus flower, we must have our muddy waters to grow. There is gold in each and every one of our experiences. Within those muddy waters, treasure awaits your discovery. The key is to become a minor of your own soul.

I am honored to help others set an intention for health and well-being while they travel on their path. We are all whole, perfect, and complete, but often we lose sight of that and need reminding. Each and every one of us has the divine birthright and capacity to live a joyous, freedom filled life. Come take the journey with me to authentic living through alignment of body, mind, and spirit!