Seeing Elise once a month has help my rehab process. I am no longer dependent on medications to be pain free.

Rena Ford

Elise has a unique gift of holding powerful, potent space during her sessions. The energy is clear and loving. There is no judgement when I’m in her space, so I feel safe to relax and let go!

Sarah Groenemier

Elise has a true gift in healing through her intuitive energy work. She helped me through a very difficult time during chemotherapy and radiation for cancer.

Sandy Schmeck

I’ve had more pain relief from her massages than anything else I’ve tried. I was skeptical about the energy work too, but amazed at how much of a difference Elise made.

Lora Grevious

Elise has magic. Physically and mentally she helped me. It’s hard to even explain how she does what she does.

Jennifer Lippi

Having someone take the time to work on the areas where she and/or I find tight and tense, and not just go through a routine massage, is definitely a personal touch which I find unique in a massage therapist.


Going to Elise changed my life! Not only was I able to move around without pain and discomfort, she helped me be able to
eventually sleep on my side comfortably.


I signed up for her life-coaching and have been working with her for more than a year now, overcoming several personal hurdles I was dealing with, while working to enhance my everyday wellbeing.

Matthew H.

I’m sure you know the place I’m referring to:  life is comfortable, but there’s just something that seems to be missing.  Through the three months of our work together, my life really began to unfold in truly authentic and inspired ways!


I am grateful for her beyond words and will be a life long client.

Satisha Hollandsworth