Feeling tightness & constriction in your body? With energy-infused Massage, you will feel tension melt away as comfort & balance is restored to your body.

Energy-infused Massage Services - Sacramento

Your session includes a consultation used as a spring board to create the perfect custom-tailored massage to maximize your desired results. Using a personalized combination of a variety of modalities, you will feel pleasantly relaxed, rejuvenated & renewed. Whether you are suffering from a stiff, sore neck, sharp, sciatic nerve pain, or muscular discomfort following a surgery, you will & leave the session feeling restored & lightened.

Sacramento Reiki Energy Work


Imagine feeling stressed about things that feel like they are out of your control & in just a matter of moments feeling relief, ease, & peace of just being in the present moment.


That is what energy work does. It is the gentlest, yet most powerful modality. With over 20 years of practice, using a combination of craniosacral & reiki, I’ve created a beautiful hybrid designed to be grounding, yet uplifting. The tone of the session is created through cocreative intention setting to open the space for desired results. During this gentle experience, you will feel your troubles float away as energy moves freely throughout your body, creating freedom of mind, body, & spirit, as you connect with your higher self. If you are in any state of healing or calling forth of grounding, this is a beautiful avenue to explore.


Feeling stuck or as if something is missing in your life, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Sacramento Bodymind Coach

If you’re ready to bring more life to your life, BodyMind Coaching is for you. Through easy conversation, explore your limiting subconscious beliefs in a safe space where you will feel liberated, more present, & a renewed zest for life. Infuse your life with the joy & peace that comes from truly loving yourself. Learn to listen to the messages your body has & tune in to your intuition to help guide you from a life of default thinking to creative thinking. Together we will dismantle false fear-based beliefs that keep you small while simultaneously building new beliefs that support you in creating the life of your dreams.Together we will come up with an action plan to immediately and easily implement to help improve any area of your life. These areas may include your relationship with yourself and others, changing careers or starting a new business, creating more financial abundance, Uppalevel in your health and well-being, or managing your time anymore freeing matter. Your new life awaits you.


Sixty minutes:
Choose any modality & feel yourself rest & renew.

Ninety minutes:
choose any one modality or mix any two modalities for a lovely experience of peace & grounding.

Two hour:
Experience a mini float away vacation with any combo of modalities.

Three hour:
Truly a loving reset for yourself that will have you feeling lighter & like a new version of yourself.

Mobile services available for an additional fee.


Lotus Life is a three month intensive BodyMind coaching program. If you are ready for serious change in any aspect of your life, and are willing to do the work, this is the perfect path for you to start opening up to life’s possibilities. This program allows you to get in touch with your own magic within. With weekly videos & exercises, you will be able to implement new practices into your daily living. As your perspective changes, new paths will open to create the life you want. Depending upon your specific needs, we will put together coaching & bodywork sessions to suit you individually. If you are located outside of the Sacramento area, coaching sessions can easily be set up through video chat. Many people have found the Lotus Life program transformational, as they are living life in a more joyous, multi dimensional fashion.



Your new life awaits you >


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