My focus narrowed, I smiled less, & I found myself irritable with other drivers…all because of the stress from my move. For weeks, I found myself up at dawn because I couldn’t sleep, and started tackling tasks all the way into the night until I simply couldn’t go any more. I hated how I was feeling.

I haven’t felt this way in a few years now since I started making changes. It hit me how much I used to live in the chaos of stress on a regular basis. I got to see how much beauty I missed because I was simply in survival mode trying to keep my head above water.

I almost forgot how that feels, so I guess I needed a little reminder. This helps me realize how many people feel on the regular. We are such a stressed out culture, that we almost wear it like a badge. The truth is, there is a whole other way of being. You can still be productive, but from a much more relaxed, calm state. The last few weeks I just clearly got my panties in a wad & got my momentum going in an unpleasant direction.

I even found that once the move was finished, the momentum of my energy kept going. I felt jittery & couldn’t relax & found myself looking around for the next thing to tackle. I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, we need to pump the brakes on this!

So yesterday I decided I needed a serious reset. I set an intention to feel relaxed & in the present moment. I treated myself to a self care day at healing bathhouse. It was glorious. While there, I decided to dedicate an entire year to exquisite self care. What a delicious way to live! So glad the contrast of my stress launched me into beautiful new space!