I was a pack rat for years. Someone had an extra something to give away, they’d offer it & I’d take it whether I needed it or not. A few years ago I stopped accepting things I didn’t need. That certainly helped the growing clutter, but that didn’t help remove what I have accumulated. And man, it’s a lot of stuff.

But that’s all it is…stuff. Stuff I took in based on a lackful mentality. Stuff I couldn’t get rid of because….what if I need it?!

Well, it’s time to clear the stuff that is only stuff. I have a 3 bedroom house & garage full of stuff, stuff that I am lovingly letting go because on some level, it has weighed me down.

In my process, I’ve come across a tortilla warmer that I have not laid eyes on in 10 years, a flour sifter I have used zero times which I just had to get when I was getting married, you know, for all that baking I was planning to do, & a coffee bean grinder that I think someone gave me before I even drank coffee regularly. I can’t help but laugh at all this stuff I gathered & held onto…in case I needed it.

Lightening my load is the most liberating process. The truth is, I already have everything I need & if I need something down the line, I know it will easily come my way.