Lately I’ve been working my ass off removing personal blockages…beliefs that have kept me small for years. I’ve found that no matter how much I want something, if I do not heal what lies below, there is no moving forward. It is a cycle of the same experiences, just with different faces & situations. I can want what I want, but the subconscious beliefs will keep me in place. When you have positive energy going in one direction, and false beliefs going in another direction, that split energy leaves you at a standstill. Talk about freaking frustrating!

I’m over the standstill in certain areas & am willing to do the work. Intention set.

What it takes is identifying the false belief behind the feeling & recognizing the thoughts & behaviors you unconsciously use to preserve that belief. What a trip it is to observe yourself! It can actually be quite humorous once you see how absurd it is. Lord knows I’ve been laughing a lot at myself lately. Doh!

But holy hell, if this is not the best work I’ll ever do, because it is with this awareness that thoughts & behaviors can be changed. And when thoughts & behaviors are changed, outcomes are changed. My past becomes wisdom used to propel me into a new future. To line up with what it is you really want to create, that’s when magic takes place.

We could all use all of our past shit as the best fertilizer ever.