You are whole, perfect, & complete. In fact, we are all whole, perfect, & complete. It’s the BS beliefs we have created around what we perceive as our brokenness. The truth is, nobody is broken. We may have closed our eyes to our wholeness, but we are not broken.

It wasn’t too long ago that I felt broken & pieces were missing. With a lot of work & removal of layer after layer of faulty beliefs that kept me small, disconnected, & sad, I retrained my thought patterns & came to live in my wholeness.

That doesn’t mean I no longer have painful things occur in my life, but it means I have a stronger foundation than I ever did before. I may falter, but I get up & rise even higher, because every challenge is an opportunity for growth. I believe we are all like the lotus that grows in the muddy waters. We need the contrast of the mud to expand even more into our greatness. None of it is ever a waste unless we choose it to be.

I have made it a life mission to help as many others step into their wholeness too. I can honestly imagine a world filled with emotionally healthy people. One client at a time, I get to see people blossom into their truth.

Today I had the last session with one of my BodyMind Coaching clients. The difference in this woman in only 3 months is phenomenal. She trusts herself, she’s gentler with herself, she’s let go of perfectionism, gotten clear on what she wants, takes action, walks away from what doesn’t serve her & walks toward what does, & all around, she feels more present & alive. I am so honored that this is my life path.