It’s funny how hard we can be on ourselves when we try something new. It makes me think back to massage school when I was working on a fellow student the first few times. I just kept thinking that I suck & maybe I shouldn’t do this. I was so worried about judgement from the fellow student that I made my own experience rough, when it was really my own judgements about myself. Man those gremlins were loud.

I think about what if I had listened to that harsh inner critic & didn’t persevere? I think of all the lovely people I wouldn’t have helped since then, how I wouldn’t have fallen into BodyMind coaching, wouldn’t have found my amazing mentor, & wouldn’t have gotten to create this network of beautiful souls I have in my life. All of that happened because I pushed through my own fears & thank god I did. I’m so in love with the work I do.

If you’re trying something new, be gentle with yourself. Getting good takes practice. I needed to remind myself of this simple fact & just wanted to share in case anyone else needed the reminder too.