Have you ever had somebody who has passed speak to you from beyond? Getting ready for my move, I was clearing out a closet & I happened upon Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet that my Aunt Dee gave me years ago when I graduated from high school. Smiling, I opened the book & read the beautiful inscription in her handwriting. I then decided to randomly open up to a page in the middle of the book. It started out with…”…and speak to us of houses…”

It immediately brought tears to my eyes. I love the whole piece on houses, but was especially moved at this point in time by the passage,

“Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the
soul, and then walks grinning in the funeral.

But you children of space, you restless in rest,
You shall not be trapped nor

Your house shall be not an anchor, but a mast.”

You know when you know you are making the perfect decision for yourself, and the universe just wants to give you that confirmation cherry on top? So appreciative of all messages that surround me. My job to stay open to receiving them. Truly feeling blessed.