Sitting & waiting in a nondescript, nondistinctive parking lot. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much. So I wanted to play with it a bit because I know I can grumble about where I am, or I can find things to appreciate. I closed my eyes & meditated. It ended up being one of those mind altering, perception-shifting sessions, which is greatly appreciated when it happens!

The message “the enjoyment of your life is not about the love that comes to you but the love that flows from you” gently danced throughout my meditation.

When I finished, tears streamed down my face as I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful sights…a hummingbird flitting around bright orange flowers, granite landscaping rocks sparkling in the morning sun, pine trees against a cloudless, bright blue sky, construction workers on the roof smiling & sharing a genuine laugh as one lifted his shirt & pointed to his belly, a mom carefully placing her baby in a car seat, a kind smile exchanged with the stranger in the car next to me….and so much more beauty.

Such a magical thing to take a seemingly boring strip mall & see all the gifts it had to offer in my short time there. Thank you universe for helping me fine-tune the lens I choose to look out of.