Over the last 7 months, I have been so excited to share some personal plans with friends & loved ones. It was an idea extremely out of the box by some’s definition, but it was part of a plan to making my dreams come true. Although that plan didn’t come to fruition, it absolutely & perfectly birthed another possibility that I am beyond excited about. I just want to take a moment & thank each person who excitedly listened to me & supported my dream. I also want to sincerely thank each one that didn’t not share my enthusiasm & tried to poke holes & deflate my dream. You see, every time I shared & someone did not support, I got practice in not needing others’ approval. I had to stand up a little taller & become even more rooted in my own happiness & my personal truth. And for that, I cannot thank you enough. What a beautiful gift that has been given to me all around. I love & appreciate EVERYBODY on my journey.