In 1982, at 6 years old, I took a risk & decided to jump off the high dive for the first time. Once I made the decision to jump, there was no stopping me. I wasn’t fearless, but rather pushed through my fear to the other side. I remember nervousness mixed with my drive as I climbed the ladder. Walking down the board, I knew there was no going back. Although there was a possibility of a bellyflop (which kind of ended up happening), I knew ultimately I’d be safe. So I leapt.

…and was no longer the same person I was beforehand. I felt so exhilarated & so proud that I did it. I was a big girl!

Somewhere along the line, as I grew older, I settled into safer, more comfortable ways. I had my routine. But with the sameness, I began growing more & more discontent….until I started changing up things & taking risks again. Not crazy risks, (or at least I don’t think they are -lol) but heart-driven risks into the darkness of the unknown where all possibilities live. And man, is it exhilarating to be surprised & delighted by the way things light up when you jump into that darkness. After all, what is life if it’s all perfectly planned out & it always unfolds the way you were expecting? Where’s the fun in that? There’s a perceived safety in it, but where are you going to learn all the beautiful facets of yourself…and how magical this universe can be when you allow yourself to expand?

So today I look back at that leaping little girl & thank her for jumping into life & loving it fiercely.