Have you ever noticed that when you want a particular new car, you start seeing the same car everywhere on the road? They were there the whole time, you just didn’t see them like you do now…

You see, you tuned into something, & what you focus on, you get more of. Whether it’s cars, something about your job or partner or lack thereof, or whatever it is you are continually thinking about. More of that comes your way.

That’s how gratitude works too. The more you focus on looking for things to be grateful for, the more things to be grateful for come to you. It truly is that simple. It just takes undoing the negative thoughts that we’ve trained ourselves into. That’s where the work is. Catching yourself in the middle of a negative thought, stopping it, & looking for something good to focus on. It’s just a retraining of your brain & it works. Gratitude grows & lights up your life in ways you could never have imagined.

If there is one all-encompassing philosophy or way of being that will shift your moment, your day, your week, your month, your year, your life, it is simply gratitude.

Today I am grateful for gratitude. I have many beautiful moments from the past year to appreciate. There have also been some painful times this year, but I am also grateful for each & every one of those experiences because they have helped me grow into the woman I am in this moment.