Yesterday I nestled into the sand on our beach blanket. The sun was kissing my smiling face. Then….something caught my attention. The most horrendous music wafted my way. I mean, this music sucked. My irritation grew as I cursed the lady sunbathing near me. Ugh…how could she pollute such a lovely space with that garbage? It was bad. I couldn’t hear anything but that horrible music.

Then it hit me, Elise, you can focus on that music or the sound of waves crashing. The choice is yours.

It wasn’t easy at first because my ear kept returning to the music, but with enough redirecting of my focus, I no longer heard the music. My smile returned & I soaked up the sun & crashing waves. I needed this so badly, since it parallels a situation I am personally going through. What a beautiful reminder that I am always at choice about what I focus on.

What are you focusing on?