I used to have it all wrong & made decisions that were in no way, shape or form in alignment with who I am at the core. So many decisions were hard to make & many of them got me the exact opposite of what I truly wanted. This created so much discord & distrust in myself.

At the point I couldn’t take feeling the way I was feeling anymore, I set an intention to be healthier & happier in my own skin. I learned to make different decisions, not my typical knee jerk reaction decisions, but more in tune with what I truly wanted & then I backed it up with behavior that lovingly supported the decision. I continue to do this & have found life to be so much more exciting, healthy, fun, & free.

The funny thing, the word “decision” comes from the Latin definition “to cut off.” Isn’t it such a beautiful idea to cut off choices that do not support your highest self?

We have so much power. I hope you choose to stand in yours.