There is truly gold in everything. Sometimes we just need to look a little harder to find the treasure. I’m truly appreciating not feeling well for several reasons. First off, it’s helping me choose my focus. I could easily hone in on the fact that I feel like shit, or I can find & list all the positive aspects. And since where you place your attention is where your energy flows, today I’m choosing to appreciate…

~practicing this spiritual law
~allowing myself to rest & do “nothing”
~sitting in the sun & letting it heal me
~staying in my pajamas all day (and let’s be real, the Mr. T shirt I am wearing is going to kick this cold’s ass today)
~lounging around & sleeping when I feel like it
~that the lovely man in my life rubbed my head when it felt like it was reaching toward migraine status & offered to get me medicine
~the permission I’m giving myself to watch however many movies I want
~allowing myself to eat whatever my body is asking for, even if I need to foodjet it
~listening to what my body is telling me
~that I am finally in a place where I can take off work & heal myself properly
~that I have a job that pushes me to be my absolute healthiest self
~that I’m putting zero time limits on myself
~that I’m choosing to revel in this day
~that I have absolutely no guilt for lounging around all day
~that everything is always working out for me, no matter how it may look
~that my body sends me messages loud & clear on how to conduct myself so I can live my best life

No shit. May sound crazy & like I’m a weirdo, but whatever, cuz it’s working!

Whatever you’ve got going on in your life, if you can find the positive aspects, you will always be winning.