My internal dialogue used to be downright abusive. On the outside, I looked calm, cool, collect, & like I was having fun, but on the inside, in frustration I’d berate myself for things I wish I could do or do differently & shamed myself for my choices. It wasn’t pleasant.

When I started my healing journey, I knew that the internal dialogue had to shift. Years of speaking to myself a certain way needed to be changed & I was at a loss for how to soften with myself. And then it hit me. I spoke to myself like that as a teenager & adult because I thought I “should” know better, but I’d never talk to a child in that shaming, angry manner.

I was so practiced in being angry & hard on myself & I knew I needed to soften that up, so I put a baby picture of myself on my phone as a screen saver. Seems weird, but I did it because I would never speak to that little baby girl the way I was internally speaking to myself at the time. Because it was the screen saver on my phone, I looked at it often. What I found was amazing. Every time I looked at my phone, I was reminded to be gentle with myself. And thus, my reprogramming began…

It’s been years since I’ve had that baby picture on my phone, but I will never forget its power. Over time, I was able to shift the dialogue into the kindest, warmest, most loving & encouraging talk. And what a difference it has made.

I just wanted to share this because there are so many little ways that lead to big changes. I’ve shared this experience with students, clients, & a few friends who have done it & also had similar results of being more gentle with themselves.

If you think you could be a little easier on yourself, I highly recommend trying it out. Look into the eyes of that little baby or kid you, and you will want nothing more than to give that beautiful soul the most beautiful life. And you deserve it.