This morning I patiently waited in a line to order a coffee. The line was too long for the small building so I got behind the last woman & curved around to accommodate the length of the line. A guy who came in after me clearly saw me & had to have noticed me inching forth as the woman in front of me moved forward. We ended up right next to each other. Yet when it came time for me to order, he stepped in ahead of me. I was so irritated. My face flushed, I gritted my teeth & I had some not so nice thoughts about him. I thought I could say something to him or the cashier, but I didn’t. I was pissed for a few moments & I even though I was polite, I wasn’t as friendly as I normally am to the cashier. When I got my coffee, it clicked for me. Why the fuck would I let someone outside of myself have ANY power over my mood?! It dawned on me how absurd it was & I lightened up immediately. Such a beautiful reminder.

When I stepped out to cross the street, magically, there were no cars coming & I could easily cross this typically busy street without waiting. How perfectly orchestrated that whole interaction was!